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Brian Ray


Mandolin & Vocals

A Monroe-style mandolinist, with a gravely voice, and love for bluegrass, old-time and old country songs, Brian Ray describes his style with a smile as: "well... it kinda is what it is". A former Nashville resident, Compass Records recording artist, and founding member of the band Farmer Not So John, he traded in his bass for a mandolin, and has never looked back.

Brian has shared a stage with many a bluegrass legend, including, but not limited to: Mike Compton, Bob Black, Tom Ewing, and Mr Mark Hembree. He's also a founding member of ZeroZipNada, which features infamous, old-timers, Chirps Smith, and Steve Rosen, and fellow Briarpicker, Paul Kienitz.

Starr Moss


Guitar & Vocals

Duuuu is a candle lighter, avid "coronie" drinker, and is too lazy to write a bio...

Ben Sanders


Fiddle & Vocals

Ben Sanders is a versatile performer, instrumentalist, writer, producer, and teacher who has lived and worked in Nashville, Tennessee since 2006.

Known primarily for his work on the fiddle and Monroe-style mandolin, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the finest artists in country, bluegrass, and old-time music today- including David Davis, Matt and Rachel Combs, The Sweetback Sisters, Jay Unger & Molly Mason, Garrison Keillor, Mike Snider, Brad Folk, David Long, Luke Richardson, Marty Hays, Roland White, Mike Bub, Mandy Barnett, Nora Jane Struthers, Robert Montgomery, Alan Munde, Allison Brown, and Aly Bain.




Madison, WI & Nashville, TN


info [at] brianstarrandben [dot] com